Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 4 Days of Christmas

You know how alot of Christmas letters you receive really show off the accomplishments of the year?

Ya.  Me too. 
And I'm not about to stop doing that here.

But while I was attempting to take the perfect Christmas photo, the kids were all squirreling around and making jokes and posing for photos that will probably embarass themselves.  If not now, then when they are trying to take their own family Christmas photo.

(there is some mama satisfaction in knowing that this will be true.  first hand.  not because i am the oldest of 5.  just saying.)


In looking through the photos that didn't make the cut...didn't really show us all off....I discovered a truth. 

It's the real pics. 
The real snapshots
Of everyday life
That we don't pose for
That really make up
Who we are.

Just sayin'.

And wouldn't you rather hear about
Who really are
And what we really accomplished
Or, in most cases....didn't accomplish?

Not that I don't want to show off.
Because I do.
And I'm going to try.

Christmas isn't about me.
Or my family.
And accomplishments.

Christmas is about Christ.

And since it is Christmas
I am just going to go ahead and say
As in in
is about

Thank goodness.
Because I can't really compare.

With that being said.....
The next sereral Christmas posts
Will perhaps be
what we thought
at the time
to be our
biggest epic fails
of the year.

But look in between the lines
And you will see
the heart
behind it all.

Merry Christmas.

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