Wednesday, December 21, 2011


aka: Marz

My 8th grader.

This year my sweet girl ran hurdles in track, was a catcher in softball, and went another year undefeated in basketball.

She gets like all A's in school
She has a busy social life
She babysits
She is raising money to go on a DC trip
And she wrote her first children's book.

(isn't she lazy?)
I kid.

Here is Marz with Deb Bowen, the creator of 'A Book By Me' program.  She is being recognized at a red carpet event for her work on a children's book about WWII Veteran and liberator, Dr. Paul Hauck.

This is Marz with Dr. Hauck after she interviewed him.

This girl is amazing. 

I love it when she wakes up in the morning and says "mom...i just had the weirdest dream." and then she procedes to tell me every single twisted detail.

I love it when she says "mom...wait to you hear about this..." and then she goes on to tell me the details of her day.

I love it when she says "mom, you are my best friend." 

And I love it when says nothing but she points to her eye, her heart and then back at me.  And then she walks out into the world.

If I would take a picture of her each day, she would have an expression pretty much like this in most every one:

I realize that I am blessed beyond belief when I think about the gift I have in this girl. 

I can only hope that she will want to keep telling me about her dreams and her days and that she will always know that I will continue to be her biggest fan and her best friend as she continues to walk out into the world.

And every time she steps out in the world, my heart goes right along with her.

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