Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New....

...unless the old is just fine, then no need for new.

Happy New Year.

On the last day of 2011 I worked.  Delivered mail to Wilton and Moscow. I'm getting better at it. 
And by "better" I mean I suck less this week than I did the week it's better. 

I'm not really concerned about setting extravagant New Year's Resolutions.

Unless you call Write-the-Book-that-has-existed-in-my-head-for-the-last-decade an extravagant resolution.

But really, other than that, I think my New Years Resolutions revolve around the word:  Simplicity.

Get rid of clutter.  Things that I do not love and do not bring joy and meaning.

Work hard at the jobs that God has given me.

Don't spend money on stuff that doesn't half a shelf life longer than my attention span.

Pay off debt.

Weight Loss.....this resolution may or may not happen.  But the key is still "simplicity."  Eat when I'm hungry.  Stop when I'm full.  Food choices:  Let's just say I am on the whatever is on sale at Jeff's Market Diet. 
Don't judge.  It can work. 

Pray.  Every day. Write them down.  Watch God work Miracles.  Maybe For me.  Mostly through me.  What a privilege. 

Wake up each day and
Cherish the people and situations that God has given me.
Encourage anyone that I can
Advocate for those who can't speak up on their own
Treat each Day
Like the Adventure
that it can be. 

Happy New year Everyone. 


  1. Keep reading this throughout the year Robin! On those bad days, remember what you want to accomplish!
    (and weight loss is overrated)
    Happy 2012! Love you girlfriend!

  2. That was beautiful! :) Wonderful thoughts and plans for 2012!

  3. <3 your writing ... good goals - so good I will do some of them too! .... Debbie