Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Super-Power Miracle

So today I prayed for a miracle.

One that would have taken super-human powers for me.

So praying for these powers seemed like the miracle to pray for.

And I prayed.

And God gave me the miracle.

But not by making me all super-power-like.

He accomplished the task by providing help from another.

It would be easy for me to overlook the miracle that was provided because it wasn't done through me.  You know...the way I prayed for it. 

But the miracle God had for me was provided. 

Through another.
A friend. 

Now, tomorrow my prayer might sound a little bit more like....
Dear Lord,
How can I be a miracle
For someone I know
Or meet

I'm not all super-human
or super-religious.

But I saw a miracle today.
I'm so happy to have been the recipient
To acceot it
And report back to you, my dear sweet world wide web of friends.

On a completely different note:
I wish I had a phone that took great pics....
Because today on my rural route,
During a particularly white-snow-blowing everywhere road,
I got stared down by a
(at least I think it was a cow)
That was bigger than my van.

It was a battle of who was gonna move where.

Luckily no one got hurt.
And I think the cows (?) are all safe at home.

I need a better phone camera.
It clearly would have been a conversation-piece sort of photo.

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