Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Home for the Summer (?)

If our first real day (non-vacation) of summer break is any indication of what our summer break holds, I will be expecting......

 To wake up between 5 and 5:30 a.m. every day.
Not cuz I have to.  But because this kid does for work.
And I love him.
(Plus also, he is loud when he eats....not bad manners....just close proximity to my room.)
 He will be constantly waving 'bye' to me
right after we have a chance to bond
and chat
for about 90 seconds between work and baseball
And I send him on his way with his supper-to-go. 
Or "lupper" 
I can also expect to spend several of my waking/functioning hours at the ball field.

Cheering for some JV and Fresh/Soph teams.....

 Trying to learn what all the signs mean.....
 And keeping this girl entertained during double headers.....
Now I'm getting ready for a road trip to watch another kid play some ball.
After I feed some of the others.
And the day is only about half over. 

Fortunately, I believe the ADD-side of my personality is gonna love this summer.
But the type-A/OCD-side of me might struggle a bit. 

We'll see!

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