Monday, May 14, 2012

May is the New December

I used to think that December was the busiest month.  Ever.  But now that I'm catching on to the whole school/sports/graduation party calendar thing....I have reconsidered.  

Case in point:

In the first half of the month, we will have:

Gone to a ba-jillion track meets.  For this kid,

....this kid.

 ...and this one too.

Tis the season for sports that overlap on the calendar.  Hence:

Then there is field trip season:


And fundraiser season.


The only thing missing from May is the Christmas concert, the hot chocolate and parties with gifts.

But the month is only half over.

And there are two spring concerts on the calendar.

Lots and lots of graduation parties.

....and hot chocolate?  Hopefully not. 

But it is Iowa, so you never really know where the line is between needing bug spray and sunscreen and hot chocolate and blankets at the ball games.

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