Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend in Review

It was a long weekend.
Full of amazing things!

Some things are better said with pictures:

 So this kid here....well I got to watch him at the Iowa State Track Meet.

He won 2nd place in the shot put.
 And 6th in the discuss.  
So fun to watch him in his element.
 Here he is with his dad....who apparently never smiles when a camera is pointed in his direction. 
More on this as the weekend plays on....

Brothers.....watching you-tube of a cat trying to climb a slide.  
Doesn't seem funny when you try to say it with words....but the picture tells the real story.


Grandpa....well, this photo was really a set-up.  He didn't order this food.  But we thought it would be funny to get a picture of him "trying" Brady's leftovers...while laying in bed at the hotel.  

I include this photo...not because it was a great shot at all.
That guy in the red shirt....well, I think you can see that he spotted me here.  
I sort of ran out to where all the people with press passes were standing
to get a good shot.  I got about two throws of shots in before the people in red shirts started checking press passes.  Thanks to me.
Thank you very much.
I am proud of that.

 Here's another one of the brothers havin' fun.

 Then there is this girl.  
She was supposed to read an essay she wrote at an American Legion event.
The event....didn't happen. 
 But we got all dressed up and had to acknowledge the night with a photo anyway.
Oh how I love this girl of mine!

 Today i got to spend some time with this their church.

(see the guy on the left?  have you seen him smile yet?)
 oh...wait!  Here is one!  Brinn got confirmed today.  
She did a good job at the service. 

I took several dozen pictures of everyone else before leaving when I realized that I didn't have a single shot of me and my date.  Which I really need to have because there has only been one other time where one or the other of us have not worn flip flops and have both gotten dressed up. 

 Here is that photo. 
Both dressed up.
No smile by the guy on the left.
But I am wearing flip flops.  

 And here is where I spent a few hours after the church service....watching this girl do her thing at the 5th and 6th grade track meet.

 She did great. 
And in this race, she got second place in her heat.  
(2nd out of 2nd in the heat is still good....especially if you are like me, who can't run out to the mailbox without my knee hurting for a week.)

Obviously there is a ton more stuff that went on this weekend.  And a ton more stuff that I need to accomplish before 8 am tomorrow.  One of which is pack a cooler of food for my high school baseball player, my high school softball player and me and my 4th grader for a field trip tomorrow.  

I only point out those things so you can be sure to expect more pictures.  

If you come back here!


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