Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Roadtrip to Districts

I hate that districts were like an hour and 15 minutes away.

But after picking a couple of kids up early from school: 

A teeny, tiny, little traffic violation:

A little bit of anger.....could be due to all the kids in the vehicle, or the speeding ticket, or the fact that after "we" got the speeding ticket, we were hit with one-lane-traffic.....

We made it just in time to see this kid do some work and make it to the state track meet in 2 events:

Can I get an "amen!"?

Cause the roadtrip back home wasn't much better.....
...well, there wasn't any road rage or speeding tickets.

But we were all hungry.

And it really could have gone either way with the rage and/or tickets. 

Next week:  It's on to Des. Moines. 

I promise to leave plenty early.

And pack a lunch. 

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