Thursday, September 13, 2012

A little bit of football, followed by more football, a fundraiser, a family night and then there was the football....

That sort of sums up our last week in review.

Last Friday our good friend who left us for bigger and better things like college rolled through town with her football team.  She's the football manager.  The team stopped at our high school to use the field.  The Wildcat got out of class for a minute-and-a-half to say hi.

I showed up so I could say hi and give her a hug and give her a walmart bag of granola bars a gatoraide and breath mints.  Cuz that is all I had.  Even though I should have had time to get something better.  Somehow, I didn't.

(i bet you wish you were my friend passing through town, huh?)

I need to warn you about this next photo.  It was windy out.  Which made my hair look like a flashback from the '80s.
I am posting it only as a reminder of how much I hated the '80's.
And so you all can see how I really need to lose 30 pounds.
(or learn how to use photoshop)

We ended the evening with a varsity football game at home.

On Saturday, Brian and I drove up to Fayette to visit Ty and watch some Upper Iowa Football.
Here is Brian acting like he is giving Ty advice about the game.
And here is Ty acting like he is listening.
 Warming up before game:

I sure am proud of this kid.  
And I feel so blessed to know him.

That was Saturday.
Sunday started just after Saturday ended.
The high school softball team did a fundraiser that I had sort of volunteered to help out at.
And I have no pictures to prove it.
But I can tell you that after Sunday was over, I went home so exhausted that I cried.
The end of that story.

Monday was another football game.
The Wildcat is back in the game after recovering from a concussion.

 We won.
And we were all so proud.
And last night we had our first family night of the year back at church.

Family night at church is really fun.

 Plus I didn't have to cook.
Or clean up after someone else cooking.
Which makes it even more fun.

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