Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some Homecoming Pictures

My kids clean up all right.....don't they?

Mom and dad helped me clean up my van a bit

So I could drive this amazing group around

But before I could do all that, I had to get this girl to sit still for a few shots....

It worked.
For now.
Since she is a freshman and needed me to drive.

But this kid.....

...doesn't really "need" me anymore for any other than food and a shower.

(thank goodness he is a hungry kid who likes to smell nice)

His date was the homecoming queen.

Isn't she just absolutely beautiful?

The Wildcat and his date gave me approximately 42 seconds to take all the photos I wanted. I snapped till they drove off.

Happy Homecoming.

(on another note for anyone who is local.....i thing the homecoming "schedule" with the parade and pep-rally was really out of line with the tradition of this small town.  and not only that....what works for people with kids in town....whether they are originally from here or not.  what do you think?  no answer is wrong, just curious.)

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