Friday, September 21, 2012

Homecoming Queen

We Love Her.

She is our date.

By "our"....I mean she is the Wildcat's date.
Not the"wildcat" in this photo.  

The Wildcat that belongs to this blog is a sophomore....
....with a "concussion"

this is him...with his back towards me in the hooded sweatshirt.

It's cold out tonight.

Here's the cheerleaders.
I don't get nearly enough shots of them to do them justice.

My bad.

I leave, tonight, with a poem.

One that a sophomore who asks as senior (who ends up to be homecoming queen) can be proud of:

Hey there Brandie
Welcome to class
I've got a little 
Question to ask....
Are yo busy the 22nd of September?
It's the Homecoming dance
In case you don't remember.
It's okay if you have a new
I just wanted to
take a chance.
It's a long shot for me
Since it's your senior year
But it sure would make this sophomore 
It would make me happy 
if you said yes.
I'd buy a tie and a flower
to match your dress
Back to the reason 
for this letter I wrote...
(I hope I don't get in trouble
for passing this note)
Will you be my homecoming date?
Your friend always
(aka: nathan)
P.S. if you say no
it is no crime.
but don't you like
my cheesy rhyme?

(flower was stolen from the neighbor's yard)

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