Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's a List more than it is a Blog Post


My life this week can be summed up with a series of lists and sticky notes.
And a bottle of wine.

Some weeks are just like that, you know? 

1.  Had to dog-sit for my parents. 
While they were off having a good time someplace else (which they do not do often enough) the kids and I took care of doggie and doggie-do-do matters at their house.  Fortunately, there was no question un-answered thanks to my moms thoughtfulness in leaving a sticky note or list that covered everything from cereal to night cream. 

(i'm not ready to own this yet....but there is a possibility that i could maybe sort of take after my mom)

2.  Concussion. 
Got to enjoy some football along with some more football, and every joy and concussion that goes with it.  The wildcat had a mild concussion. (see post below).  But that did not stop him from talking football every other second he turns around.  His brain may have sufferred a blow, but his heart is still beating for the game. 

And I'd like to take this opportunity in my list to mention that I LOVE watching the kids play football.  I love standing on the sidelines to take photos.  I am really great at not reacting to some of the sideline talk that I hear.  And I'm really good at not calling plays that I am thinking in my head.  Not that I know the plays.  But I do know when I'd like to see # 6 go to the right and #88 go long and to the left for a pass from #9.  I'm proud of myself for not shouting that out when the thought pops into my head.  I'm also proud of myself because sometimes I know what is gonna happen and I am right where I need to be from a photography perspective. 

It's true that my inner introvert is occassionally over-ruled by the loud wildcat football fan that lies within. 

3.  I'm "in charge" of a softball fundraiser to take place this sunday.

By "in charge" I really mean that I do not have a single stinkin clue....but nobody else volunteered so here i am. 

Just when I think I have something figured out, I find out that I really don't. 

If I ever get the thought that I may want to volunteer to 'help out' again....i think i may re-think that thought. 

4.  Work. 
I'm working out of two different places.  Add to that the freelance work from home.  This requires sticky notes to keep track of everything.  Not complaining about having work, though.

5.  Love & Cherish. 
you may think it odd that I need to add this to my list.
But the reason i have a list is because I love and cherish the people that the chores are for.  It's sometimes too easy to lose track of the reason behind the pile of things to do.

6.  Make a new list.
After reading through my list, I do actually realize that I have turned into my mama-who-makes-lists.

I am going to go make a new list on ways that do not make me think that I have turned into my mom. 

oh wait.
that would defeat the purpose. 

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