Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Word of the Week:


I've got tons of great pictures of the Wildcat vs. West Branch JV.

And all of them include great shots including teammates and a great run for a great ballgame.

But this is mama's blog.

And mama sees this:

This is the wildcat having a hard time picking himself up.

In the last week, the Wildcat has had to put up with me checking on him every four hours.

To wake him up.

Just to make sure he woke up.


I was glad to record on paper that he woke up "normally" every 4 hours I checked him.

Meaning irritable.

I would be too.

Note to anyone:  Don't wake me up every 4 hours.  
And definitely don't wake the wildcat up. 

That's not normal.


  1. It's a scary thing to see your son struggling to walk right or hold his head up. Those concussions are scary. But I will have to admit that it was fun watching them out on that field when I knew they were loving every minute of it...but it was still scary as a mom. I feel for you mom!

  2. Cathy~
    I agree with you 100%.