Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Full Release to Work

I had my Last Last Last "regular" check-up for my neck. I got the thumbs-up-everything-looks-like-it-should-be-looking from the doc. He gave me a written release to let me know that I can go back to work now.

with no restrictions!!!!

He told me that I could do what I wanted. He laughed and said he couldn't recommend breaking the law or breaking any codes of morality that I may hold. But other than that.....

well obviously, right?

So now what?

This would be sort of an exciting time for me if I hadn't already been LOOKING and APPLYING for jobs that are just NOT happening for me and so, therefore I am just a little teensy bit DEPRESSED instead.

But I got to keep a photocopy of an x-ray.
It's totally going on the fridge.

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