Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Marzee!

I love you so so much.
So what does a mama do to make one of the most special-est people in the whole entire world feel more special?
She takes her shopping.
And out to lunch.
And how bout a manicure?
It's been a special day.
But nothing I can ever do or say will be quite sufficient for expressing just how much I love this girl.
On our way into town, I went all mushy-mommy on her and told her about a gift that I received when I was 12.
It wasn't a birthday gift, it was a christmas gift that I got from my grandpa.
Under the tree was a small box.
To: Robin
From: Grandpa
My grandpa died a few weeks before christmas.
So having a gift under the tree from him alone was one of those moments in life that you just don't forget.
My grandma explained to me that grandpa wanted to get me something special this year. He thought that I sometimes got ripped off, being the oldest kid. And for that matter....she said that he thought I should have something that showed that I was growing up.
I opened up a ring with 3 small diamonds on it.
Today, I gave that ring to Marisa.
As my 2nd-born, but oldest of 3 girls....I recognize that she sometimes gets a raw deal.
She is stuck in the middle of everyone.
And she is "in the middle" as far as her age goes.
I ask a lot of her.
And I know that she comes through.
She has proven her responsibility time and time again.
She sometimes is "in the middle" with all of her friends.
She gets along with everybody. I mean everybody.
Which means she isn't really a part of any ONE crowd or click.
She hasn't had ONE best girlfriend for a long time.
As fustrating as I can see this is for her....it just goes to show how genuine she is.
She doesn't bend to be a part of the crowd.
And I know she must really really want to.
How can anyone who is 12 not want to belong somewhere?
I'll tell you where she belongs.
It is right here with me.
dear marzee~
I love how you and i sometimes talk "in code."
i love how you remember the tiniest of details.
i love how BEAUTIFUL you are.
i love your sweet spirit.
i love your wise soul.
i love how you are fun-loving.
you make me want to be a better mommy.
you are so special
and i am so glad God gave you to me.

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  1. What a great story!
    Made me cry!
    You are both very special people!