Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let's take some inventory

So I told my previous employer that I now have a full work release and pretty much found out for sure what I already knew.

My old job no longer exists.


I loved that job. And it gave me the flexibility to pursue what can only be legitimately called a hobby-writing.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I have had success with pieces being published.
But the truth is, it isn't paying the bills.

So it is time to take some serious inventory of my skills and try to think outside the box....

Things I am good at:
1. Making breakfast.
2. Cleaning up after breakfast.
3. Making lunch.
4. Cleaning up after lunch.
5. Getting food back out for hungry people.
6. Cleaning up after the ants who found the food.
7. Shopping for groceries.
8. get the idea.
9. Taking care of kids .....after lots of experience in this field, I can argue that it might not necessarily be a skill that I should get paid for.
10. Working with kids at school....again, see # 9 for the other side of this coin.
11. Massage Therapy.....license is currently inactive
12. Columnist, reporter, photographer for newspaper....NOBODY is giving me a job in this field! Been trying for couple of months now.
13. I like to read. Love it, actually.
14. I like to tell people what to do, but not very good at knowing what to do myself.
15. Laundry.....hey, it's there and I do it.

I'm reading my list and I think I have ADD. ok. Most, if not all of these are not really resume worthy. I see a theme with kids and food. Maybe I should be a waitress when I grow up?

I think I need some counseling.

Someone should just tell me what to do.
and hire me.

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