Monday, August 2, 2010

Bottom of the Barrel or Top of My Game??

Ya....where to start....

About a week or so ago, I turned down a job that I knew I would love, but the timing seemed off. Hours of the job and my schedule with the kids....All hours were when I had the kids. So it didn't make sense, at this point in ages and stages, to have free time when I don't have them and be away when I did.


...I got a call for an interview at the school. just the time when I was debating whether or not I should turn down any job, even if it didn't fit with schedules....

....but a job at the school....or rather THREE openings at the school, while didn't exactly fit the bill for what I would LOVE....did EXACTLY fit the bill for the timing, scheduling, and LO and BEHOLD....there was a PRESCHOOL position open!

....ya'all know i was meant for preschool, right?

All the short stories and poetry and what-nots-that-are-fun are all about preschool!!!

Plus I have socks and matching earings that only a preschool teacher can get away with wearing....

...without being committed.

So I graciously turned the other position down thinking that THIS.....THIS must be a GOD thing. God saying, "Robin, yes. You are good at photography. But, this is for you. For now."

Wow. Thanks, God.

But apparently God wasn't saying that at all.

How could I have been so wrong?



Will I look back on all of this and see how GOD is so right, in spite of me thinking I had Him all figured out?


Hoping so, anyway.

At the very minute that I received the call....from the new High School Principal who is in charge of making these calls....

....the call that said...."we interviewed 5 people for 3 positions...and aren't one of those people....

...I got an email from a dear friend who I wish-oh-how-i-wish we lived closer because I'm sure she would cry with me and then kick me in the pants and say....

[[[Wish we were closer so I could cry with you. I totally understand the disappointment, especially when it seems like such a God-thing.
Guess, He's got something, how cool is that :)

"HOPE dances in the puddle til the sun comes out again!"

For some reason I can see you singing in the rain :) Love ya lots!!
remember, you rec'd the promising pen award, could this be a blogpost??

the above happens to be an exact quote.



i remember that.

cuz it's true, it happened.

At this year's Quad Cities Christian Writers' Conference I DID just so HAPPEN to recieve the PROMISING PEN AWARD....

which means....what?

i have a promising pen?

that i can write???

So now here i am.....feeling like the bottom of the barrell, in a matter of speaking....

....when maybe


God might be saying....

"this is your chance to be at the top of your game....

use the gifts.

the ones that I gave"

and maybe someday I will see how what I thought was God's timing, will actually look like God's timing....
....and not some huge failure on my part....


Bottom of the Barrell?
Top of My Game??

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