Friday, August 13, 2010


Let me just start by saying I love who this girl is. And who she is becoming.

She has spent every day of her life-(and by "every day of her life" I mean that to include in utero as well)-challenging me, testing me, showing me that I must be a failure of a mother and at the same time forcing me to be a better mother.

With some of my children, if I ignore certain unbecoming bahaviors, it will cease.
Not with claire.

With Claire, if I ignore those unbecoming behaviours, it is interpreted as permission to continue.

She's a tough girl.
Likes to wrestle with her brother.
Likes to threaten with her bully voice and fists.

She's a smart girl.
Knows how to twist a situation to make it look like the other person is at fault.

She's a sweet girl.
She has her moments, anyway!

She is not limiting her options in life in the least.
I was informed last week that she's not sure she wants to go to college because she's not really sure she wants to have a real job.

She doesn't think she wants to get married.
She will either live with me.....or in an RV in my driveway with her two adopted children....both named "becky."

.....or she will live in a kentucky, perhaps.

....but she doesn't want to commit to either idea at this time as she says she has a good 20 or so years to decide.

She's so funny.
And fun-loving.
I love this girl.
Humor is one of her gifts.

So glad God gave this girl to me!

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