Monday, August 16, 2010

"so whatcha doin?"

I heard that question 3 or 4 times today.

2 of those times were followed up with requests to help with a favor.

and both times I had to say no because I was just too darn busy.

It doesn't seem like doin stuff here and there and making the world in this house happen is a big deal.

So when someone says...."whatcha doin?"
.....and I say "not much"'s my own fault when all of that "not much" doesn't get done because I said it was "not much."

What am I doing?

I made breakfast for 5 kids. toasted english muffins. Not hard at all. Except I can toast ONE muffin at a time and dress it with either: butter and jelly, PB and jelly, just PB, or just jelly.....(just pick one kid....and move on already)

I cleaned up from breakfast. And decided that since my feet are sticking to the floor from breakfast, I will just clean the floor while I am at it. Better for me to do it than to let the ants come and take care of it. Trust me....I weighed this as an option. I would've voted for ants to clean it up just so I wouldnt' have to do it....except bunches of insects swarming one area is the kind of image that gives me bad dreams. I cleaned the floor.

And I vacuumed the rest of the floor while I was at it. Only because I am either: A)Obsessive/compulsive....or B)just smart to do it all at one me time tomorrow, maybe?

Laundry. Washed it and hung it out. 3 loads. Hanging laundry out is more work for me; however, my dryer doesn't dry a whole load in one it takes me longer to dry a load in the dryer than it does to hang it out on the line. whatever.

Took nathan and a friend to golf course. Which I promised I would do after he mowed the lawn. Which he somehow accomplished in what he said was like an hour and a half or 2 hours tops. I believe him. It looks great. But where did that hour-and-a-half to 2 hours go for me? Oh my. I just reread the above and I figured it out.

Brian called and asked me if I could run an errand and then watch some concrete dry. As in the concrete dry. He is pouring at the park today and he wanted to make sure that kids didn't run through it before it dried. I had to tell him I would call him after I.....

.....made lunch and took Claire's friend home. Claire had a friend spend the night and she lives in another town and I promised she would be home after lunch.

and I cleaned up after lunch. Because I hate ants.

So I took friend home and called Brian. I guess he no longer needed me to watch the concrete dry. Does it really take me that long to do stuff?

Girls ask if they can swim. So i say....okay....but I can only drop them off because I HAVE to go home and write something that somebody will buy and we can pay our bills. So they get ready. I take them. There is no lifegaurd on duty today. They can swim but only with an adult present.

So....I get to be that adult. For a couple of hours. (maybe a little less than that)

Then I take girls home. And go back to golf course to pick up boys. Drop one friend off at home.

Pull some laundry off the line.

Start making supper.

Still left to do:

Softball tryouts
Clean up from eating....(it's an ant thing that I hate....not so much that I am too particular about cleaning.....maybe)
Write something that someone will BUY!
Help the tired kids ready for bed....snuggle, read, the good stuff

and while I am at it....I should probably just tack on:
Change the world
Lose 10 pounds
Make a million dollars

See.....I'm not really doing that much. At least it doesn't seem like it....
....till it doesn't get done!

And the ants come marching in!

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  1. So.....what is it you do with your day? You don't have a real job! :) Love you , girl!