Saturday, August 21, 2010


Stringers....Freelancers.....sort of the same thing in newspaper lingo.

I USED to freelance for the Advocate News. The Wilton/Durant Advocate News. One of which is my home town.

And I was so proud to do that.

But I had to take some time off from doing that to take care of personal matters at home.
As in,....personal
at home.

Sort of a down side of being rural is that everybody and every body thinks that they know your personal and
at-home stuff....

....even if they don't.

And throw in any element of being known, let's just write for the newspaper....
...well, then....that must quadriple whatever anything that anyone must absolutely know about your at-home, personal life stuff.

you know.

So let me just backtrack here a teensy bit.

I used to freelance.
I am ready to do it again.
Talked to the editor (the new editor since the last time I wrote for them) several times in the last couple of years about my interest in freelancing again.

Even tried to pitch how I would be good for his paper...."let me write for you....people will come to me with their stories....they used to....they will again...." plead, beg, me.

To which I hear: "Robin, we are well aware of your writing capabilities. Should we ever need someone to fill one of our staff positions....or be in need of freelance writers, we will most certainly keep you in mind."


They have asked me for info and photos.
I have provided both.
With no cutline/byline or credit whatsoever.

And today.


I was at the parade in Durant.

Some guy took my picture.
A stranger.
I didn't know him.

He asked me for my name. And proper spelling.
Becuase he was taking photos for the Wilton/Durant Advocate News.

New guy.
That's how he presented himself.

Maybe I'm wrong.


That was supposed to be my job.

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