Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Days are Numbered

The title to this post could sound sort of deep.

Maybe prophetic

or have some sort of theological twang to it.....

....depending on your given state of mind at the moment, I suppose.

But to me...right sounds like a bunch of math.

I was inspired by a friend and fellow blogger, Jody, about the importance of each and every day we have with our kids.

And not to let any of them just slip away.

I'm a visual-type.

So this little mathy-crafty thing is a helpful reminder to me that the days that I have with my kids are numbered.

In each vase, there are beads that total the number of days from TODAY until each of the kids' 18th birthday.

At the end of each day, I will take one out of each vase.

Here's the breakdown.

Nathan: 1589

Marisa: 2130

Claire: 2960

Danielle: 3559

(not sure if you can tell from the pic, but i had to start using smaller beads in the younger 2 so i could fit them all in)


I used a calculator and calendars and counted out beads for this.


I'm not a math person or a craft person.

But I'm totally in love with these kids and I don't want to waste even a single bead.

That ends this special deep-prophetic-theological-math-craft-story......


  1. Excellent ideal ... visual reminders of our daily blessings. I pray that if I was to do a "Robin and Debbie" Jar that it would impossible to find one of the size we will need - HUGS

  2. Great knowing that two of my three kids would have empty jars, I will tell you, those beads will go down faster than you think. Enjoy every one of them!