Friday, March 25, 2011

8th Grade Field Trip and 1 Lucky Mama

It's been a few years since I have been on a field trip with the Wildcat. 

And I love love love it that he is old enough to make it so I would expect that he wouldn't want me to come along on these sort of things......
BUT....he still wants me to come along on these sort of things.

Making me a lucky mama. 

I knew I was lucky when the volunteer slip came home and he asked me if I could go..... opposed to just "showing me" the slip 2 days after it is due. 

And I knew I was a lucky mama when he texted me last night (from his dad's house) and said "FINANCE PARK w/MOM 2MOROW!!!"

And I knew that I was extremely lucky when son texted mom this morning to remind her to pack a lunch.....(she would've most likely forgotton?!)

But lucky....
...I mean
really lucky.....

came this afternoon.

When the wildcat risked it all....
....and gave his mama a 1.5 second hug.

Which is just long enough to be deliberate.
But not long enough to be extremely noticable.....
....except to the science teacher who promised she didn't see a thing.

I changed my mind. 
I'm not just a lucky mom.
I'm blessed. 

What a gift. 

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