Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cars and Conferences

So today

yes, today.

Full of highs and lows. 

My car wouldn't start this morning.
Wouldn't even act like she was going to start. 
Made a bunch of clicking noises flashed a few lights at me.

And then said No, I am not starting for you this morning.

So fortunately for me, today was just a lovely day for a walk. 
And I walked.  To work.
Which was busy.
In a good sort of busy way. 

(don't forget to tip your waitress.  the cook gets a share of those.  wednesday was a nice tip day!)

Got home.
Brian came and got my keys to try and start my car.

And wouldn't you know it.
She started right up.

What a b.

Drove the car to the gas pump and the car shop.  Explained what was going on.
With the car, I mean.
Could be battery issues.
could be electrical issues.

But I'm pretty sure it is PMS.
PMS is a difficult concept to explain to a car mechanic.

Had parent teacher conferences tonight. 

Heard lots of great things about my kids.
Which made me want to cry.
Because I know how much I try and they just keep turning out great in spite of me!
(just kidding...these kids are my heart)

I walked up to one Jr. High teacher and said, Hey, wanna talk about my kids.
She said, only if you want to hear how great they are.
And I'm all like:  Is that all you got?

And she meant it. 

Which makes me so proud I could cry.

And I do not have PMS.
I swear. 

And on a totally related note:
I got a chance to talk to someone tonight and I think I may have made a new friend.

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