Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 25

My 4th grader had a bad start to her day.

She got to school just in time to throw up in a trash can in front of her class. 

Making this DAY 25 of someone being sick in our house. 

But the good news....not that there is good news, but since i am grasping for any sort of silver lining I that she is now on an antibiotic along with her sister. 

Not that she can keep it down or anything. 
(there goes my silver lining)

Antibiotics = Drugs
Drugs = another visit to my most favorit-est pharmacy!
Favorite pharmacy = HANNAH
Hannah = Chocolate!  (she gives me a treat every time i come in)
(and i am a regular at this pharmacy)

So I belly up to the bar at my favorite pharmacy and Hannah's treat for me today was Dove Milk Chocolate with Caramel.

Do you know why I love Dove chocolate?
Besides the chocolate, I mean.
Dove chocolate is inspirational. 
Each piece is wrapped in foil with a nice message on the inside.

And my piece of "inspiration" today says: 
"You should charge for your great advice"

Thanks Hannah!

This reminds me of a pair of jeans I once I had. There was a random inspirational message on a tag sewed in right next to my zipper.  On the inside, so I could only see it when I was going to the bathroom. 
Because who doesn't like being inspired while on the toilet, right? 

I don't fit in to these jeans anymore. 
Not since I discovered the "inspiring" dove chocolate. 

By the way, I think my pharmacist is jealous because I haven't even mentioned his name here on the blog.  He didn't say it, but I'm pretty sure he was thinking "hannah, hannah hannah!" in sort of a Jan Brady "marsha! marsha! marsha!" kind of way. 

So here is an official world-wide-web shout out to Ron the pharmacist:  who gave me a girl scout cookie and helped me get off that nose spray i got addicted to a few years back.  he also scored me some samples of alieve last year and that one time when i had a little bit of a spinal fusion surgery on my neck, he told  me that i probably wouldn't die from it and sold me a stool softener because i thought i was going to die from the side effects of neck surgery medication.....this single act in itself gave me hope for the future. 

Plus also:  he hired hannah.

Thanks Ron.  I'll add you to my christmas card list too.

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