Friday, July 22, 2011

Camp--Week 2: Post Script

So I picked Marz up from her week at camp this morning. 
And the girl just had so so
much fun. 

I got there and she is all like
MOM! I gotta tell you about this dance party we had last night. 
It was so fun!
Me and "ONE OTHER GIRL" were dancin
while the music was playin
and it was SO

And I am like...."just you two dancing?  honey?  did everybody else know it was a dance party?"

And she is like....OH.  I don't know.  BUT WHO CARES?  It was So

And then she proceded to BEGIN
to tell me about 4 or 11 more stories.
But then she would stop and say.....oh...i'll tell you later.

Later began as I was doing a u-ey to get out of the parking lot. 

And she started finishing her stories.....

....a lot of them were about memories with friends in her cabin.....which she will "NEVER" forget....

.....some of them were about God and the speakers and counselors....which she will "NEVER" forget...

.....and TOO MANY OF THEM were about BOYS....which I WISH she would JUST FORGET!

oh well.

God is good. 
Camp is great.
and boys are least I remember when they used to be.

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