Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Record Breaking Temps=Chillin' Out at Home

To simply say "it's hot" feels like one of those extreme understatements.

But, dang, it's hot.

I grew up in the I understand what an Iowa summer can spring on you.

Sometimes Iowa Summer will make her appearance in April, and then go into hiding until July. 
Sometimes she will just sort of ease us all into her season.
And sometimes, Iowa Summer will just say HAH!  You wanted you got it!

It is days like today that make me want to count down the shopping days till Christmas.

Which, by the way, there are 158 days till Christmas.

There isn't a whole lot we can do outside without nearly choking to death from the humidity. 

There is the old standby of swimming....

....unless your 10-year-old has a raging case of swimmer's ear. 


So today mama spent some money and we went to see a movie. 

The Zookeeper.  It was funny.  And family friendly. 

And my 14-year-old even got into it....

....yes, he is special.  We love the wildcat, though!

Wildcat, Tookie and Claire-Bear. 

Another good "stay-cool" tip that I can offer you is this:
Eat ice-cream at every meal.

This is a good time for it. 
Try new flavors. 
In a cone, in a bowl....
....breakfast, lunch or doesn't matter. 

A few days ago I thought that ice-cream at every meal would get old.

I was wrong. 

Anyone wanna nominate me for Mother-of-the-Year? 

(disclaimer:  i'm kidding.  of course.  mostly, anyway.)

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  1. You should just move to california. The weather is fantastic. It just costs a bazillion dollars to live here ):