Sunday, July 10, 2011

Camp...Week 1

Claire has been counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds for this day. 


This is her 3rd year going to Spring Valley Bible Camp.

She is an old pro at this. 
Which somehow does not make it any easier for me. 

She packed her own bags.
Knew exactly what she needed.
What snacks she would take...for herself and to share.

She packed a fake snake.  Ready to play a practical joke on her camp counselor.
Obviously it won't take her long to be her cabin's official jokester.
I am so proud.

I asked her today if there is anything...anything at all that makes her nervous about being away from home for 5 whole days.

She said not really....except for one thing:
And what exactly is that one thing?  it's hard to hold in your farts for five whole days.
But she isn't too worried about it. 

Pretty sure she is going to be the practical jokester....and the farter in her cabin. 

Did I mention how proud of her I am?

This goodbye-hug-from the heart lasted just long enough....until they both realized that they were sisters and actually do not hug each other.
Can't you just feel the love?  So glad I was able to capture the moment.

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