Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dear Mothers of Girl Scouts,

Guess what I did today? 
I ironed on all the patches onto sashes that the 2 youngers in the family have acquired in preparation for a girl scout bridging ceremony to take place this weekend. 

Before you feel led to believe that I am one of those super moms who is way ahead of the game to have her two little scouts ready to go and.....look like girl scouts......

.....I need to make a confession.

I am a year-and-a-half behind.
And by that, I mean TWO years.

So in the above picture, two of the three sashes and/or vests were for the last two years. 
Years that my girls did not have their sashes ready for when they were supposed to be ready.

There is a 3rd sash that should be in this picture.....but the kind girl scout leader who answered her door when I pounded on it this morning to ask her "what girl belongs to what sash....and see all these 200 patches?  Where do they go?"

Thank the good lord in heaven for my girls' girl scout leader.

She knew what went where.
And which girl belonged to which sash.
And she also informed me that I was a sash or two behind....they now have new ones because they have advanced......

So she took one of the sashes for one of the girls and offerred to iron on the appropriate patches so my devoted girl scouts would be ready for this weekend. 

Have I mentioned how much I love my girls' girl scout leader?


So for about 2 hours this afternoon, I thought I would iron on all the other patches. 
I figured I might be late in getting this done for the girl scout ceremonies that we missed the mark on....but I am WAY AHEAD of the game when it comes to being ready for something like......HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION PARTIES.


Hey.  It makes me feel better.

As a mama to some girl scouts, I have more to confess. 

See that Daisy vest on the right?
Well, there aren't a whole lot of patches on it.
And that would fault.
I was one of those extreme failures when it comes to helping their kids particpate in all the events and projects that you need to do to get an award.

And, well, it shows on the vest.
But hey.....i didn't have to iron a bunch of stuff....right?

Well I think the girl scout leaders caught on to my method of operation....
And they started doing projects at the meetings.
Meaning my girls were winning awards and patches
In spite of their slacker mama. 

And I get to iron on a bunch of these....
......a year or two late.

My completely unplanned M.O. has backfired on me.

BUT.....we have some awesome girl scout leaders here.

And when I grow up
I want to be just like them.

Unless it means I get a patch for it.
If that's the case, forget it.


  1. OK I have a confession... But 1st...I have been a Girl Scout Leader for 10 yrs, I am not the leader in this article and I have 3 girls in scouts also. Now for the confession... I haven't put anything on any of my 3 girls' vests in over 8 years! OUCH!! They are all neatly tucked away on a shelf in our craft room where one day BEFORE graduation I will have to do this! I tip my hat to you for being "ahead" of the game!

  2. Ha! Kim, I feel better already!
    Now, just so you know, on these sashes, they MAY or may not be upside down, as I MAY or may not have gotten to the point where I cared if a girl was ironed on skipping rope upside down....and I MAY or may not recommend opening up a bottle of wine while you embark on this massive project.
    But just so you know...I'm here for you. Iron, wine and all.....

  3. Can anyone explain this to me? Girl Scout patches are iron-on, but Boy Scout patches have to be sewn on. What is up with that? :) Now that is some iron-on irony.