Friday, August 19, 2011

Tales of a Fourth Grade Mommy

Fourth grade was my all-time most memorable year of school.
I had a great teacher.
I wrote my first story that I remember writing. (it was a "tall tale" about a basketball that had a nose that real people couldn't see until one day when the ball got bounced on his nose too hard and it got all swelled up and he sort of came to life and spoke to the girl who owned the basketball....)
My mama made some Hawaiian bread for Christmas and I gave it to my fourth grade teacher. She loved it, so we continued to give her this same gift every year at Christmas till I graduated. 
I loved my fourth grade teacher!

And I love my kids' fourth grade teachers. 

They are mommies just like me....only way better.
'Cause they can go to school and educate the dickens out of a room full of rowdy kids and then go home and take care of their own kids....
and here is the kicker....(deep breath) they go back the next day and do it all again!

Fourth grade was memorable for me as a kid and now as a mama.

My baby, the youngest of 4, is in fourth grade.
So she knows what is coming.
And, more importantly, so do I.

She (we) is going to have a lot of book projects.
And Social Studies projects.
She is going to learn the 50 states and capitals.

So am I.

I never have.
I mean...I was probably taught this stuff when I was in fourth grade.
And I helped my other kids study for their tests.
I never learned all the capitals.

So I have one last chance....with my baby in fourth learn this stuff.

Dear fourth grade,
Can't wait to learn all about you.
Love, Tookie's Mama

P.S.  Dear 4th grade mommies, If this is your first time through 4th grade with one of your kiddos, don't worry. It is just as overwhelming as the syllabus may look. But it is also memorable and it goes by way too fast.  Someday, when you are dropping Jr. off to high school, you will wish with all your heart you could go back to 4th grade. Sincerely, Mama who knows.

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