Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'twas the night before school starts....

'twas the night before school starts
and all through the house
the children were all bonding
with the click of a mouse.

It isn't the last official day of summer,
but the last day of summer break pretty much means that summer is gone.

The Wildcat spent most of his summer waking up for weightlifting, practices, or to mow lawns before it got too hot.
Today, he slept in.
Till 8:30 a.m.
And he came upstairs and made a comment about feeling like he has missed out on part of the day.

I sipped my coffee and responded with fake concern.
Poor kid.
Have I done him wrong in allowing him to act responsibly all summer in working out and working hard and sticking to goals while the rest of us sleep in and sip on coffee....
....or wake up in time for lunch?

I kid.
He makes me so proud, though.
He makes me wanna be a better mama.
And he makes me wanna wake up earlier, too.
What am I missing?

The kids have new school-issued computers.
We are taking a big step forward in our education here in our little town. 
And I love it. 
(in that love/hate sort of way)

Let's be honest.
Technology is changing the way that people are entertained, interact, communicate, etc.
And it is also changing the way our kids learn. And the way that they WANT to learn.

While people will argue against the safety of this new innitiative....
...and I don't find any fault in these arguements....
....I am all for it.

Because it is what it is.
The technology isn't going to go away.
And it is true that my kids understand it all better than I do.

But here is how I see it:
The stories in books are not going away
The information in textbooks isn't going away
And communication isn't going away.....
...but the way MY KIDS want to embrace all of it has changed from the way I embraced it all.

It isn't bad.
It's different.
And I can learn.
I'm excited to do so.

Today the kids were all playing around with their new computers.

And they were i-chatting each other....
I listened in
As they all bonded
Over their new technology

And Marisa even let me take her picture: she was video chatting with Tookie....
...from the very next room.

Our house can be a fun place to be.
If you are ready for us. 

I totally insist that the kids need to come talk to me when they want me...
...or they can text me.
And I can text back and say "come here."

Because I don't care how wonderful technology is...
(and it is wonderful)
....nothing can take the place of a hug from mama. 

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