Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some Stories

I love writing people's stories. 
I love meeting people who are so passionate about their own story. 
It is a pleasure for me to write these stories.
Because even if the issue or passion isn't my own, it inspires me to live out my own story better. 

Here's a couple of recent stories I had the honor of participating in.


Click on the title "History Comes Alive" to read a story about the Delmar Railroad Museum.  Two old friends who share both a history and a love of history open up this new museum in Delmar, Iowa. 
There is a Civil War Re-enactment taking place this weekend as a way to raise money for the non-profit. 
I can TOTALLY see school groups taking field trips to this place. 
I wish I could have somehow captured the tone of dedication of the two gentleman I interviewed for this story. 
They are inspiring.



Word got out around here that I was covering RAGBRAI as it rolled through Durant.  Some friends introduced me to someone they knew who was participating. 

Her name is Kim.
She has a great story.

You can Read it here:  "Riding for a Cause"
You can also watch a video right here:  "Kim's bike ride across Iowa"

I wrote the story...
But here is what I didn't write: 
This family is remarkable!  
And when you read the story...you really only get a glimpse of part of the story.  Because Kim is, in fact, passionate about advocating for people with bleeding disorders.
But she is also passionate about advocating for children with special needs.

Her son falls into both of these categories. 

No doubt, she could write a book.

I have visited her website and watched her vidoes, and her story is just another that encourages me in my own.  


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