Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I operate better with a list. 

I like to make a list every day for the things that have to get done.  Occassionally On a regular basis, I like to throw in things like "feed kids" or "brush teeth" that are (generally) givens....but I like the idea of being able to cross things off my lists.  Even if they are givens. 

Sometimes I really need a list because if I don't write it down, even if i know it needs to be done, I will put it off.  Because it isn't on my "list."

Today's Checklist:
(i'm sure you are dying to know)

  • brush my teeth   (check. check. check.  I am a fan of dental hygiene)
  • feed the kids  (corndogs on sale last week at Jeffs Market.  carrots on sale this week.  combine the 2 and it is a wash for nutritional value. CHECK.)
  • edit and submit assignment for Quad-City Times.  (CHECK. this may be the most normal-looking thing on my list today. i love it and i'm trying to make the moment last without missing my deadline.)
  • let my wildcat know that i am thinking about him at his golf tourney today. show up to clubhouse so i can buy him his lunch. (negative on the CHECK.  showed up a few minutes too late.  The kid paid for his own meal. I bought him a gatoraide out of guilt. Told the coach to let him know and was rightfully reprimanded for not following the rules at a previous golf meet.  in my defense, i didn't know the rules.) 
  • work on personal ministry writing project.  (negative on the check. I have been on a role lately with this. i am taking the roadblock as an indication that i AM on the right track.  OTHERWISE, why would the enemy (evil evil) be trying so hard to stop me in my tracks? remind me tomorrow to put "kick the enemy in the teeth" on my list of things to do)

I'm not batting a thousand on my checklist.

I'm thinking of doing away with checklists. 

Think I'll write that one down for tomorrow's list. 

Clearly I have issues.
Surely this is not news to you.

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