Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nothing says "Easter" like.....

The kids are only with me on Easter every other year.  On the years that they are with their dad's side of the family, they come home and want to hear all about what I did for Easter and then they JUST CAN'T HARDLY wait until next year when they get to go to Easter brunch or have an Easter dinner with my side of the family. 

So this year there was much anticipation.

But the "plans" that they were looking forward to just didn't happen. 

I was all set to take them to an Easter dinner over at Brian's parents, but then found out that Brian's kids couldn't come until late afternoon after they had had a big brunch or dinner with their mom's side.  Gramma didn't think she wanted to cook a big dinner after that so Easter "plans" started to turn out to look more like "Easter pizza." 

I'm okay with this.  The kids aren't overly excited about pizza, though, since we had it last night and last week on my birthday and I'm not sure, but it sounds like they had it at their dad's house too....
...I didn't think it was possible, but we might be all pizza'd out. 

I could make a big dinner here, but I didn't have time to run to the store since I found out we weren't having dinner elsewhere, so "Easter dinner" actually looks like
"EAster Popcorn and a Movie"

And Easter Cereal:

And Easter Egg Salad, minus the 2 eggs that we couldn't find. 

(edited to note that the missing eggs were found and/or eaten, but did not make the cut for the Easter egg salad)

We went to church as a family last night.  LOVE this!  Loved church.  Love my parents there.  Love that I personally knew 3 people singing in the choir:  Hannah, my favorite pharmacy tech, Mandy, a friend I met last year or the year before, and my brother-in-law Andy. 

But guess what else happened at church.....

....I held hands with the guy sitting next to me!
This is soooo unlike me!
I have never in all my many many years have held hands with anyone at church unless we were told by the pastor to hold hands and pray. 
It was super romantic.  Just sayin'. 

Okay, that was a rabbit trail but a moment that I never want to forget so it had to be documented because I am getting more forgetful in my old age. 

Here are some more pics to get me back to the story:

Beware, the enthusiasm from these pictures is so powerful that it may be contagious. 

Claire searching for eggs.

Tookie decorating her egg.

And here's the family all gathered around the You-Tube.

So our Easter plans didn't turn out in the norman-rockell-ish way that looks great in pictures. 

But they weren't bad.
(like i don't know if i mentioned it, but i held hands with a hot guy sitting next to me at church, you know)

We just adjusted.

And besides, Easter is about Jesus.  Conquering death.  As in...dying on the cross.  Being dead.  Coming back to life.  So we can have life.  This was not a plan-gone-bad.  Or a plan B.  Or something that God had to adjust because it didn't go the way He thought it would or should. 


It was THE PLAN all along. 

Now, next year, if anyone is up for some "EASTER-POPCORN-and-a-MOVIE-FOR-BREAKFAST" let me know.  I'm planning ahead. 

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