Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kindergarden Roundup

My "kindergardner" is just a few weeks from graduating from 4th grade. 


I have to give the girl credit.  She has advance in spite of my efforts to hold her back.  Or at least slow her down. 


I am seeing friends on FB with preschool kids who are getting ready to go to kindergarden next year, and it is reminding me of two things:

1.  I wrote a children's book or poem for my youngest daughter the summer before she went to kindergarden.  I never submitted it to book or magazine publishers.   It is like I am holding on to it for some reason.  Afraid to let go?  Afraid of rejection?  Just afraid?

 I'd make a good study for a psychology student.  Maybe that is what I am waiting for.

2.  The second thing I remember about kindergarden roundup was the meeting for parents.  I was a pro.  This was my 4th child going through the process.  I was probably the oldest mama in the room of parents of preschoolers.  I had this down. 

Until it was my turn to be called back by the school nurse.  Every parent had their turn. 

Mine took a bit longer. 

Not because we had a long health history to go through. 

I felt it necessary, for some reason, to tell our school nurse my baby's entire history, I guess.  And it led me to tears.

I thought it was important that someone know that my baby likes to do yoga stretches with me every afternoon and that she enjoys dill pickles and Dr. Suess.  And that this whole "school schedule" thing was going to cost me my grocery shopping buddy.  Perhaps those things needed to be noted somewhere? 

The school nurse graciously held  me back in the room for a while.  And she brought in extra tissues.  And re-assured me that my baby would be well taken care of.  And that none of the other parents would be able to tell that I spent the entire time crying in the back of the elementary library. 

And now my kindergardener is graduating elementary school. 

I believe my mistake was that I let myself blink.  And time just flew right past me. 

Enough of that.  No more blinking!

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