Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend in Review

The busy weekend turned in to a really non-busy weekend.  Thanks to the weather. 

But let's not confuse non-busy with boring.  Or dull.

Thanks to not being busy at all, the Wildcat had time to kill a really huge snake that we found in the garage. 

Not cool.

He asked what I would have done if he wasn't there......
.....well obviously I would have called 911.

Im super glad that he is willing to mow the lawn and dispose of snakes for me.  He is gonna make some woman so happy some day. 

Marisa's weekend was freed up and she got to spend time with her friend, Emma. 

The last time Emma came over, she had to leave early because my cooking made her ill. 

This time, she got here just in time to witness the Wildcat killing a snake...which made me feel ill, she was talked in to going for a run with Marz, and all of the kids joined forces to create a horror-film movie trailor.....which was complete right before the storms hit and it was time for bed. 

It is times when people who don't live with you come to visit you and you are suddenly super aware of how scary things must appear to outsiders. 

And yet, she continues to come back. 

Love this girl. 

In other weekend news:
Claire went to a birthday party.  And she came back missing me.
I did a whole bunch of nothing but spending time with everyone else.
I loved every second of it.

....except the snake part.  That is the stuff that scary movies and genuine nightmares are made of. 

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