Sunday, April 1, 2012

The very last day of 38

The biggest reason why I never tell anyone that my birthday is tomorrow is because nobody would believe me. 
Since it's April Fool's Day. 

But today is the very last day I will ever be 38.
(I'm so dramatic, aren't I?)

Welp, I have some "resolutions" about how I would like to spend the last year of this decade. 

In no particular order, I would like to:

1)  Go to the party.  Or don't miss the party.  Or throw some parties.  I sort of mean this in a figurative manner.  Laugh.  Alot more than I do.

2) Celebrate.  Along the same lines as #1, only for real.  I may not be where I want to be, but steps towards progress are still worth celebrating. 

3)  Waste some Time:  Don't look at "me time" as a waste of time.  Take a "vacation" from the everyday. 

4)  Buy the Shoes:  Not because I need them, but because I want them.  (another phrase I am using in the figurative sense, although I may actually shop for shoes.)

5)  Eat Dessert:  Don't fill up on so much of what I don't want that there is not room for what I do.  This is the whole rocks-sand-water-in-a-jar analogy.  If you fill the jar with the water and the sand, there is no room for the good stuff.  Do it the other way around and everthing fits. 

6)Be More Flexible:  Life may not change, but I can.  Even if it only my attitude.  Or outfit. 

7) Love more deeply:  Invest more in the relationships that are important to me. 

8)  Give it my all:  Whateve the season, embrace it before it slips away.  I have spent too much time letting one season slip into the next one in a way that seems to pass me by at times. 

9)  Be my own friend:  Weird that I would have to say this.  But true. 

10)Be more Generous:  This does't necesarilly have to me with money or materialistic things.  But it doesn't exclude them either. 

11)Stand Up, not Stand Out:  Stand up for the things that run deep to my core.  don't Stand Out for a bunch of things that don't really matter to me.


I heard a sermon once about the most common things that people wish they had spend more time on when they could.  The list was something like this:

Love more deeply
Live more boldy
Give more generously
Laugh more often.

I'm not at the end of my life, that I know of.  So the end of a decade seems more appropriate for me to examine some of the things I want to accomplish, achieve or be. 

It looks rather deep.  But it also sort of looks like I will be partying more, shopping for shoes, eating cake and other junk-flavored-carbs on a regular basis, and generally be selfish. 

Told you I was dramatic

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