Sunday, July 4, 2010

Because that's how i roll....

you know. spontaneous.

tell me you want to have homemade pizza and invite the whole crew over....sure. no prob.

i can spend an entire afternoon in the kitchen to whip up homemade crust and 4 different pizzas to suit the tastes of 9 different people......

.....i can roll like that.

tell me that you want to go to a movie....absolutely.

tell me that we have to be there in about 1 hour......okay. (does anybody want the pizzas that i spent 3 hours working on?).....
.....i can roll like that.

(and i can even act like my feelings weren't bothered at all)

playing games and having a fire and watching the fireworks from the comfort of my OWN BACKYARD is probably how i am going to try to remember this day. cuz that was the most fun.

and that just sort of happened.
and i can totally roll like that.

i'm not very good at this whole "being spontaneous" thing that I am trying to do.
maybe if i planned it out a little better???
By The Way: we went to see Grown Ups and it was funny.

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