Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I SOOO Miss my kids

Like...in a really bad way.

Not necessarily in one of those QUOTE hormonal UNQUOTE sort of ways....

But the hormones are definitely not helping me out here...

Let me backtrack:

last week the Wildcat and my favorite #1 daughter went to church camp. Had a fabulous time. Memories for them and Experiences for them that i, as a mother, would always hope could come from a "church camp" experience.

....and that is not to mention that my son made 2 girls cry and got 1 phone number....at church camp....

....some things, mama just can't plan for!

So I pick them up from camp on Friday and they are on a church-camp-high.......

One that I can't keep having with them because they are on VACATIOn with their dad this week. (this veers from "normal" scheduling because I chose to have my vacation time with the kids on times when they could go to camp.....something that they asked me for.....THIS IS KEY)

And next week I will be sending 2 more off to the aforementioned camp.....

....which happens to be the same week that the Wildcat and daughter #1 are supposed to be with their dad due to "NORMAL" visitation schedule.

my goodness, i can't wait for NORMAL to actually seem NORMAL.

So I'm praying tonight:

* that my kids' "HIGH" won't be squashed
* that they are having fun on their vacation with dad....it is obviously an experience that i cannot provide them with.
* that I won't scare brian off with my somewhat hormonal attitude(s)

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