Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's a dirty job....

....and I have to do it.

Don't really mind, though.

Feels good to actually do something physical like this....haven't done much since my neck surgery.

Speaking of jobs......
I have an interview tomorrow with a place in Davenport. The job itself sounds like a good fit for me. There could be some travel involved. Which would mean that when kids are with their dad, I could be working.....

....this also means that I would be working on weekends. No, I don't like that.
Yes, that is when I am the most flexible.

Another phone call came in this afternoon.
About a job....

I APPLIED for a job in the preschool. Here in Durant.
I GOT a PHONE CAll from the new High School Principal. (not in charge of preschool)
About an opening in the High School.
I've done this job before.
I'm good at it.
Didn't love it.
But loved being in the same building, with the same schedule as my kids.

So 2 potential opportunities.
Both with upsides and downsides.

I hate big decisions.
But i totally love my pink "tough chicks" work gloves....don't you?

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