Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blast from the Past

Been contacted by an old friend.
A dear friend.

and what i thought....
....a former friend....

divorce does these kinds of things to friends.

especially when you are divorced....but you put on plastic smiles and wanted everyone to think that you were something that you just were not.

cuz, okay. that was me.

On one hand....I was real and a mom.
And I WANTED to be real as a wife too.....
....cuz that is what I thought I could make what I WANTED to happen actually happen....if I acted like it????


so now i have a friend, former friend, who wants to be friends again....

but also wants to be friends with the ex.

which is still a conflict of interest on both of our parts....

My brain tells me that we can't ALL be friends.....true friends...unless somethings change.

Because that is the nature of MY divorce.....that is all.

But I know that we could be friendly acquaintences....even if nothing changed.

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