Saturday, July 17, 2010

Can I just say.....

....that things are good
even if outward appearances don't necessarily show that.

example: no job
but: bills paid up to date

example: kids are at their dads
but: keeping in touch

example: dealing with 1 kid with rebellious behavior
but: key word: dealing. not ignoring. therefore: growing.

example: not married
but: extremely happy Brian

example: great friendships even if we don't get together alot
but: planning on showing up on doorsteps knowing that they don't care...(lisa c.)

example: lots of kids to love, that (more than likely) don't necesarily love me back
but: love feels better

example: lots of dirt left to shovel
but: will help stinky-water-in-basement issue
and: my flabby arms

example: coors light
but: on sale

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