Monday, April 11, 2011

THE interview

THIS was the interview I have been hoping for. 

To have the audience of an executive editor.
THE executive editor. 

How does someone like me get to interview with THE executive editor?
In person?

I got lucky.
I know it. 
I'm fine with it.
Today it was my turn.


Here's me.

Imagining what it would be like to TELL the executive editor what I wanted to write.
And then get the okay to do it.

Obviously it doesn't work like that.
Except in my own little imagination.

BUT today
went something like this:

Executive Editor:  I've seen your resume, Robin, and it is impressive.  But I'd like to hear about it from you.  Tell me about your education.

Me:  Well.  Uhm.  My post-secondary training happens to be in massage therapy. That, and I have personal experience in the 'at-home-mom' department.  So as far as writing goes, my education does not match my experience you see on that resume.

Executive:  Tell me about your writing.  What do you like to write.

Me:  I  love human interest stories.  I'm pretty good at photography as well.  And as long as you are asking, I'd like to someday write a column. 

Executive:  We do have freelance opportunities available.  However, our freelancers do not write columns.

Me:  I figured that.  But you asked.

So the rest of the interview went on with more back and forth.  She had looked at my portfolio and decided that I could fill out the paperwork necessary for tax purposes and then she would start assigning work to me.

And I asked her:  Is all of the work done on assignment?

Executive:  Yes.  What did you think it would be?

Me:  I didn't know if freelancers ever came to you with an idea for an article.

Executive:  No.  But if you were to have an idea, what would you propose?

Me:  Well, I don't know.  But you mentioned that freelances occassionally cover weekend events.  RAGBRI is coming through my town and I'm going to be there so.....

Executive:  You have that job.

Me:  (dancing on the inside)

After handing me the paperwork and explaining why the Times needs this info from me, I explained that I understood as, years ago, I had worked on a few freelance jobs for a different division of the Times.  And I hand that info to her.

Executive:  Oh my.  I thought I recognized your name.  I was the editor on this particular project.  (speaking of the project I had done.

And from then on, it only got better.
The tone went from crossed arms to "welcome aboard." 

And the column that freelancers just "don't do,"
I have an opportunity to submit my vision for a column that used to run.....
If she likes it?

I get to have the column.

As a freelancer!

I'm still wondering, as I write this.... I dreaming?  Cuz this is way better than I had imagined. 


  1. That is so amazing, and wonderful, and all the just plain GREAT! Congratulations, Robin!

  2. God is good! I gotta call you so I can hear your smile :)

  3. I just finished my devotional this morning on Joshua and how God made the sun stand still in answer to his prayer. Looks like God is doing some work in the heavens for you, too, my dear!