Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Turning 38 in Bullet Points

I'd like to make a big deal about turning 38. 

First of all....38 is technically "late" thirties.  This is a milestone. 

Secondly....I have decided to stop lying about my age. 
I've lied about my age for years.  20 years ago, I wanted to be older.  10 years ago, I wanted to be younger. 
I've lied to my kids about my age....and when they caught on, they started playing right along with me.  For example, when I would say something like "I'm 34," my youngest would come back and say "oh no, you're not mommy....you're 29."

God bless those sweet kids.

So....here's how I spent the first day of my "late" thirties.

  • I started off the day by falling out of bed.  Just misjudged, is all.  Probably just comes with old age.
  • I plugged a toilet and had to ask for a plunger.  Which was embarassing....BECAUSE I KNOW I DIDNT REALLY PLUG IT UP!  I am certain that the bowl was running slow before I ever even sat down.  I just know it.  (i shouldn't even share this story with you, but the fact that i didn't edit it out is proof that i am getting old...cuz don't older people talk about bathroom habits?)
  • Later in the day I told my cat all about the toilet story and falling out of bed.  Making me old AND an official crazy cat lady.  But at least I have a cat.  You know there are people out there who fit the profile of being a crazy cat lady....but they don't actually have cats.  Rest assured that I'm not one of those. 
  • My kids threw me a suprise party.  And I was suprised.  Shocked might be a better word.  I almost wet myself when I walked into my house.  A sure sign of aging. 
  • I had beer and burgers for lunch, then went to church with my kiddos that night.  My parents, Debbie and Sam, my sister and her family were all there.  I held my baby niece. 
  • I blew out all of the candles on my cake.  But I forgot to make a wish.  (old age)  But maybe I didn't need a wish....it was a good day.
  • When the day was done, I fell into bed.  I have decided that this is much better than falling out of bed. 
It was a great day. 
And I love these people.

p.s.  the last day of my "mid-thirties" was one of THE LONGEST days on the planet.  Can't even share.  But if you are of the praying-sort of people, I'd appreciate some.

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  1. another p.s. Even though I am going to be all honest about my age....I will continue to lie about my weight. just so you know.