Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let Me Be a vague manner of speaking

You know I'm good at that, right? 

Saying a lot, without really saying anything at all.
But at the same time, saying everything.

It's a gift. 
Don't be jealous.

I am currently in the midst of a serious situation.
And without saying exactly what that is, I am going to say that it is so frustrating.
Because I need help.
So I talk to people who have the proper title and credentials to help me.
And the situation.
People who are way smarter than I am.
And I am told, by those more qualified than I, that the "situation" needs to be remedied. 
Justice needs to to prevail.
That "the right thing" to do is what I'm doing.

HOWEVER, those with the title and qualifications can advise me, but they can't help me.
Becuause funding does not allow for them to follow up on these things more than just "advice."
But if things get worse, they will no doubt be there for me.

That advice led me to another with different creds.
And this "system" can most definitely help me.

After I pay them gazillions of dollars that I don't have. 

So I have come to several conclusions about this--not answers, but definitely conclusions. 
Here's my TOP 10:
1.  Honest people recognize what the good thing, the right thing is.
2.  Honest people care about helping and making a change.
3.  I love honest people. I have met alot of them on my journey thus far.
4.  Honest people usually have their hands tied up "in the system."
5.  The message behind "the system" is valid.
6.  "The system" is governed by money from "bigger systems."
7.  There is no money to support "the message" or "intent" of the system.
8.  I can see how people get lost or slip throught the cracks when a "system" is involved.
9. The bottom line for "the right thing" and "the system" is money.  Unfortunate.
10.  I want to help.

This may not make any sense to you. 
Or maybe it makes complete sense for the current "situation" you are facing.

Wanna pray for each other? 

Thanks for allowing me to process here with you, my sweet and unsuspecting audience!

Just so you know, you serve as great therapy.

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