Friday, April 22, 2011

What's so "Good" about Good Friday

Have you ever had that feeling that, even though everything on the outside was looking pretty good, everything on the inside felt like it was about to crumble? 

I posted something like that on Facebook yesterday. 

'Cause I'm sorta feeling that way.

Now, please don't get me wrong.  I have TONS of really super-great things going for me right now.  Lots of writing assignments and the potential for better ones is definitely there. 

I am paying my bills.

My kids are healthy.  And happy. 

If you didn't know to look beyond all the good stuff on the outside, you would not know what kind of mountains we are facing right now.  And it isn't easy. 

But today is Good Friday. 
And I am choosing to look ahead. 
(About 3 days ahead.)
And believe that no matter how ugly things in life may appear, I believe in the power of the cross. 

And I know that God can take even the messiest parts of life and use it as a sign of victory, for those who believe. 

What was so "Good" about Good Friday? 

Wasn't this Jesus guy supposed to be the chosen King?  The Messiah? 
Wasn't he supposed to the world?

If he is this powerful and supernatural King that he claimed to be....why did he let himself get beaten to the point of not being recognized?

Why didn't he just jump down off that cross and say something majestic like:
"Na-na-na-na Boo-Boo!  Stick your head in dog-doo."

Becuase he could have!  If he was who he said he was.

Why did he let all of those who loved him cry and wail and watch him suffer?
And his Mama! 
She had to watch her son.  Be beaten.  Tortured.  Whipped.  Hung. Nailed to a tree.  And die.

I can't stand to see my own kids hurt. 
I couldn't survive having to watch them go through what Jesus went through.

What's so "Good" about Good Friday? 

When there's that Jesus. 
Who claimed to be the savior. 

That day that Jesus hung on the cross probably appeared to be a victory for Satan.

Probably Appeared

But it wasn't.
'Cause what looked like Satan's sure victory was really is sure defeat.

3 days later, the dead guy....was alive.
Jesus was alive. 

What's so "Good" about Good Friday?

I'm believing that the same power that was able to conquer death
can breathe life
into whatever ugly stuff is going on in my own life.....

.......No matter how things may appear.


  1. This really hit me like a ton of bricks today. I was just having this conversation with my 5 yr old....thank you!
    And it is so easy to read and makes me feel like I am not alone. :) keep it up!

  2. Thanks Robin...I needed this today. ~HUGS~

  3. AW & CB~

    Love you both.
    Thank you for reading
    and commenting.

    Sometimes these words are just me processing....and I am so glad when somebody else can relate.

    Cuz you know that thing about "nothing new under the sun...."?

    ....walking thru the "motherhood" with you!!