Saturday, March 3, 2012

Golf, Life & the Freshman

It's official:  Golf season for the Wildcat starts in 9 days, some odd hours, and a few minutes.

Yes, we are counting down in this house.

It's not like the countdown has just begun, or anything.  No sir.  We have been counting down the weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds since sometime back in November.

And by "we" I mean, the Wildcat. 

He loves him some golf.

I know he loves the sport.  He refused to go out for any spring sports in Jr. High because he was a "golfer."  Nevermind they don't have golf in Jr. High.

And I didn't really get the obsession until after Christmas when he literally skipped out of the store with his new driver in hand.  Skipped.  And sang.  And danced.  All the way to the van.  We had other places to shop, but he was content to keep his driver company in the van while we did our shopping.

I thought it was a healthy obsession, really, until sometime in early January when the Wildcat texted me from his dad's house and asked how his golf clubs were doing.

I texted back that they were fine, all tucked in to bed all proper like.

And he responded:  "good."

I was joking.

Apparently he wasn't. 

My concern continued after he made up a song about himself and his golf clubs. 

Lately, everything the Wildcat says or does has a golf-link to it. 


His dreams.

His days.


And even meeting his dad's girlfriend.....he wondered out loud..."I wonder if she likes golf."

He has been lifting weights after school and he is wondering how his new strength will affect his golf game. 

There was an informational golf meeting after school a few weeks ago.  The players were told about uniform, practices, etc.  And if anyone thought they were going to be qualifying for varsity, they need to sign up for the uniform.

The Wildcat told me that I would be needing to purchase a new shirt required for varsity.


Okay...we will see.  I will buy it, because I know that if varsity isn't on our season schedule this spring...It is still the goal. 

I sure do love this kid.
ANd I learn alot from him too: 

Life is too short to waste time on things that don't really matter.
It is better spent working towards the things that do. 

Expect some golf pictures to grace/obsess this blog in the near future.

Now I'm going to go watch "Seven Days In Utopia." 
golf movie.
go watch it. 
it's good.

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