Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sounds Like My Life.....

....My Beautiful Life.

Today had some ups
And it had some downs....

....I need to recap them all.
Not because it is important to you.
It is important to me.

Today is a day I want to be able to look back on and remember, even if it is only through these words.

I got up early and got myself ready.  Because the Wildcat wanted me to go to school with him while he made a request to the administration. 
It was a worthy request.
One that actually a mother would be more than happy and even responsible to make....
...but the Wildcat wanted to be the one responsible. 
And he only wanted his mama to tag along. 

Started the day off feeling extremely proud.

Then I "tagged along."
And the extremely proud feeling that I felt as a mama to my Wildcat turned in to a new level of  EXTREME respect for the young man I am priviledged to call my son.
His "request" was met with questions and even oppossition that threw us both off.  I won't get into too much detail other than to say that while I used every bit of restraint that I had to not tell the person with so many questions to call any number of "referrences" he would seem deemable if he did not believe that this kid sitting in front of him had nothing but an honest need, good intentions and was  totally within his right and normal, everyday law to ask what he was.  It just so happened he needed a signature.....My far-more-mature-than-I-am son held his composure and persisted.  He didn't break until it was just the two of us. 

And we were both glad that we were both there for each other. 

He went to school and mama went home. 

Home where I paced and cried and talked out loud to no one but myself. 

Once I worked this out, with myself-you know, I realized just how lucky I am.
To call this responsible, respectful young man my son. 

Then Marz starts helping her sisters by carrying backpacks and holding doors.
Which is completely out of the ordinary.

Her sisters looked at her funny
And I asked her why she was being so nice....
...to which she responded:
"It's lent."

She was quick to ask if I was going to blog this conversation
But responded before I could
That it was okay if I wanted to.

It's lent.

Then I worked on a writing project.
It is one of those projects that can seem like nothing,
but is totally huge.
It is a dream project.
It makes me no money.  at the moment.
But it is still a dream to work on.  Like what I was meant to work on.
Worth so much more than a paycheck.

Then...I got to go and learn about this one type of lizard that has been around for-probably-ever but is one of those newly discovered lizards because it lives in trees and eats fruit and not meat. 

You may not think that is very exciting to learn about.  But I got to help a student who....at first glance, it appears that she doesn't care about learning anything.
But guess what?
She does.
It appears that she just doesn't know that anyone else cares that she is learning anything. 

Do you know what a privilege it has been to show her that I do care?

However selfish this may seem....it makes me feel very good to volunteer.  And I can only hope that the occassional smile I see when I do will stick with the students I get the priviledge of helping and maybe that smill will stick around in their minds for a little while longer than I do. 

I got to take the Wildcat into the DOT to get a school permit.
The line was long.
Which was great. 
We got to chat about how both of our days started. 
And everything in between. 

I have never been more grateful for a long line. 


I grilled dinner. Because it is all nice and warm here today.

I fed my kids.


two of them drove off:

As in
For the first time
My kids
Drove away
In my vehicle
And I was only there
To take pictures.

So here I am
That I went ahead
Once or Twice
And my kids grew up
And drove away.

They drove away in a minivan
Which is a complete embarassement
To teenagers.

They will be back.

This is one of those days that I would love to forget and am then reminded of the significance of March 6th.....
And am thankful for all of the things that I would love to forget....and at the same time, always want to remember. 

<3 EAB

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