Monday, March 12, 2012


It's one of those things
Sometimes you got it
Sometimes you have to work at it
Sometimes you can fake it
Some people....
it is a gift.

I am not one of those people.
But when it comes to poise,
my oldest baby girl,
She just has it
And she always has.

I get to see it all the time,
Like behind the scenes
When no one else is there.

She has it when she is playing sports.
When the work doesn't come as natural
But she is willing to put in the work
Try hard
And keep on learning
She takes the instruction
Accepts responsibility
And sometimes takes the blame from others
When she needs to
And even when the blame doesn't belong on her shoulders.
It's called pressure.
It's called poise.

I see it with her peers.
How well she gets along with others
How she wants to get along with everyone
How she chooses to see the good
Not wanting to focus on controversy
Feeling pressure
But choosing poise.

She has a big event coming up tomorrow.
I wanted to talk to her
And not make her nervous
Just knowing that she would already be feeling nervous.

I told her how proud I am of her
And how I know
That she will do a FABULOUS job
With nerves and all
Because she

More than one, actually.
But tomorrow, I will sit back and watch her share a few of her beautiful gifts.
One of which is hard for alot of 13-yr-olds to show


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