Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Appreciation for Spring Break

We are entering the closing hours of Spring Break 2012 here in our rural corner of the midwest.

The computers are all plugged in and charging.

Backpacks are packed.

And the freshman just went downstairs to do the homework that he has had sitting on his desk for 10 days but was too busy trying to improve his golf game to worry about. 

We have had a good number of games of catch with the little girls
And some games and practices with Marz.

Nathan has practiced and practiced and practiced out at the golf course and has taught me that "par for the course" actually does have a meaning in sports and not just psychology. 

We didn't go off and do anything fabulous.

But we did do things that will bring back memories.

And we have all the big glasses with dangly earrings and whoopie cushion-prizes to prove it.

And I did have a moment to sit down with the upcoming spring sports schedules....
that I have....
and put them all down in one place.
Now that I have done this, I am extremely happy that our spring break was a true break from everything.  Even if we didn't go anywhere special.

You may not be able to tell from this photo, but there are exactly 7 days in the month of April that doesn't have something on it.  And 2 of those days are are because of Easter and it just didn't feel right to "pencil Jesus in"
Except now, on second thought, maybe I should. 

May happens to have four free days.
One of them is Mother's Day.
So I really don't care what everyone else does,
but I am doing nothing.

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