Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break

We didn't plan on going anywhere fabulous for spring break. 

But any time when we can spread our time with committments that revolve around pizza, games, golf and schedules that are rather loose in nature is definitely a fabulous break.

The Wildcat has spent his time around a golf course. 

I've heard that golf is one of those "life sports" that will stick with you for-like-ever. 
I'm wondering if I look that term up I will find that the sports that you will use all through life really is more of an obsession than a sport. 

With a picture of any one of my brothers/bother-in-law.

Just wondering.

Here is the Wildcat lacing up his golf shoes before heading out on the course.  This week I have learned what it means to double, to bogey, to par and birdie.

And I have had a clear visual of what it looks like for someone to work so hard for something that is considered "sport."

Today I got to spend time with the girls at incredible pizza.  We were given a gift card for there.  And we spent all afternoon on that card. 

Now, when I say "incredible pizza"
I am not really referring to the pizza.

But we definitely had an incredible time.
All of us
At the same time
in the same place.

And probably one of the only times I will find myself
happy and laughing and wanting to take pictures while the girls are shooting at each other

and running into each other.

In other spring-breaking-news:

Without mentioning any names, one of the teenagers is getting his own vehicle. 
Ya.  I'm old.  Pictures to come soon.

Another one of my teenagers is gearing up for some high school softball. 
Yep.  Another reminder of how time is flying by.

My 3rd-born is getting ready for her 3rd babysitting job. 
I am scratching my head wondering when she stopped needing a babysitter herself.

And my baby is just about ready to pull a tooth.
Making over half of her baby teeth...well...gone.
She is doing the whole "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, tug" thing

And she has asked for my help once or twice.

And as I grip that baby tooth
All I can think is how
I just want to hold on tight
As tight as I can
To each moment
Of the years, months, days and minutes
That I can
With each of these kids. 

Because it just seems to slip away all too quickly. 

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